About Us

Cool Coconut began life as a market stall on Bondi Beach during the Sydney Olympics in the Summer of 2000.

The beach was pulsating with people from all around the world, and they were loving our little stall in the sun.... especially our coconut shell necklaces!

Every time Duncan explained they were made of coconut, the answer was always the same........ Cool!

After each long day (and night :) at the beach, Duncan would lie in bed with those two words reverberating in his head.......

Cool ........ Coconut ........ Cool ....... z z z z z.

And so Cool Coconut was born......


We've changed a lot since then.

Nowadays we are a House of Brands, supplying carefully curated collections of unique handcrafted jewellery to retailers around the world from our studio/warehouse in Mullumbimby in Northern N.S.W.

But we're still true to our roots.

We know that passion for our products and admiration for the artists who create them is the key to our success.

We get a buzz from knowing that every day people are falling in love with our pieces; they are wearing them, gifting them and appreciating them.

And we're still inspired by the pride, patience, talents and skills of the artists we choose to work with as we design and distribute our niche collections of handcrafted jewellery.

We invite you to join us on our journey as we develop and discover new designs and styles, every piece with its own story to tell..... and every piece looking for a new owner to love it as their own.